A Holistic Guide for Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual Health & Performance

  • Improve your physical health and body energy
  • Get insights and master tools to achieve a healthy mind
  • Become more likable and develop meaningful connections with friends, family, and business contacts.
  • Become emotionally balanced and resilient
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Do you want to bring your mind, body and soul in line?

Do you want to reach your full mental and physical potential?

Are you looking for purpose and transform yourself to live a happy life?

The four pillers of Self Development and Personal Growth: from the scientific to the spiritual view

Chapter 1

Physical Health

A healthy lifestyle, routines, food, fitness, and sleep are the building blocks for any mental, social and spiritual processes.

Chapter 3

Social Health

Make social connections meaningful, become more likable, and improve empathy in your personal and business life.

Chapter 2

Mental Health

Everything is mental! Understand your mind, implement mindfulness into your life, develop a purpose and be grateful.

Chapter 4

Spiritual Health

Find the way to your soul and become more resilient, optimistic, and accepting what is.

Chapter 1

This book will have various parts that I have crafted in a way to cater to your specific needs and to your internal constitution. The first part of this book will be simply scientific information about nutrition, because being human is enjoying all that life has to offer, and I have come to love food and have developed a great rapport with it. With that healthy relationship with food, I have discovered its extensive impact on the body and thought processes. It is crucial for you and for me to start right here with what makes us tick on the physiological level. To be perfectly honest, food has always been important to me ever since I was a child. We all have a peculiar relationship with what we ingest, and coming from a Lebanese background, food has always played an important role on the personal and social fronts. We eat when we are happy, we eat when we are grieving, and we eat when we have nothing else to do. But the best part of our food is that it is the healthiest around the world. You must have heard about the Mediterranean diet; it is not a diet per se, but a lifestyle that relies on eating seasonal and fresh products.

Chapter 2

There have been many attempts at understanding the human mind, and with those trials, tests, and hypotheses there came revelations, more hypotheses and experiments that put the actual brain under the knife – at least hypothetically.

Mental health is having the ability and awareness to understand your own abilities and feelings; it is a state of wellbeing that allows you to cope with everyday stress, be productive and, most importantly, be useful. Productivity and usefulness are my favorite terms and here is why. A productive person is a happy person, but to reach optimal productivity, you must go through and overcome several feats.

We are superbly wonderful creatures. We have evolved on this planet to make the best out of it. Yet, with evolution came the need to set limitations as we feared most of us would wield the power within in a bad way. We are in dire need of a transformation; one that leads us away from what we have put ourselves in. We are in need of a wake-up call that recalibrates our eyes to the truth that we are missing.

Chapter 3

Humans either perish or connect. Long before social media established itself as the overarching ruler of humanity and the major supporter of the man-made mind, connection was something else.

Looking at our primordial connection with nature; that vital relationship with the everlasting entity that the cosmos or universe has given us, I have settled for the idea that human beings need each other, yet this seems, not only cliché, but used and abused. Nature, our actual biological mother, from which we have emerged and evolved, is our primordial connection with our planet. I shall not go into prehistoric times but jump to eras where humans had developed enough awareness and attempted to unveil more knowledge based on their observations. From a shallow and straightforward perspective, the Greeks and then the Romans created their gods to embody natural phenomena.

Chapter 4

The soul is who you truly are at the core. The soul is the Being that I have spoken about throughout this book. Being or soul, this divine entity is the largest part of you; neither your body, nor your mind can take up as much spacetime as your soul, Nafs or Being. The soul is larger than life; it is what animates your thoughts, brings about inspiration; that divine message coming from all around you. With inspiration come passion and a very intimate exchange between your soul and the life force that moves the world.

We talk of soulmates, soul food, etc… Yet, we do not ponder the words we use. The power of our souls comes through the use of words, which is why we all have to know what each word truly means. I have spoken of the power of thought, the power of their frequencies, and the power of the Being inside and their overarching connection, so try to keep in mind that all things in this world are interconnected, hence blessed, or cursed by those words.

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